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Dr. Nilima R. Kundnani
Dr. Nilima R. Kundnani

Family physician & Child Specialist
Health is wealth!
If you find yourself in the below-mentioned conditions, online consulting might help you.
1. Looking for a second opinion
2. Having health issues but not being able to reach your family doctor
3. Require an opinion or health check of your chronic illness

Prevention is better than cure!
It's never too late to obtain advice on improving the quality of life by healthy living and advice from a specialist can help enormously.

-As a child specialist and family physician will be glad to assist you and your family in health issues to diagnose/cure/prevent further deterioration of health conditions.
-You can choose the language of consultation between English/Romanian/Hindi/Sindhi/Gujarati/Urdu.
-You can also send a short history of your health problem and copy of your investigations/medical records etc (if any) prior to the consultation by email: or on Whatsapp: +40-749031206.

Stay Healthy!
Assistant Professor Dr. Nilima R. Kundnani