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Dr. Suzana Milutinovic
Dr. Suzana Milutinovic

Since 2007 I have been working for Clinical Centre of Serbia, Belgrad. As a specialist of orthopedic surgery and traumatology as well as a microsurgery, I gained huge experience in operating wrist, hand and foot very seriously injured patients. Also, I have been working as Clinical Assistant Teacher on Medical Faculty, Surgery Department, Belgrade University. I was instructor on microsurgery congress in Belgrade 2018 and Athens 2019 (all following congresses where unfortunately postponed). With Women’s Basketball Serbia Team, as a team doctor, I achieved gold medal on European Basketball championships in Valencia in July 2021. I’m a member of WAKO medical bord association, too.

Evaluare medicală la distanță;
Opinie medicală;
A doua opinie medicală;
Citire și interpretare analize medicale;
Citire și interpretare imagistică medicală;
Consiliere medicală.

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