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Dr. Tudor Toma, FRCP, PhD.
Dr. Tudor Toma, FRCP, PhD.

Dr. Toma graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Iasi, Romania, in 1993. After graduation he trained in respiratory medicine and worked as an assistant professor in the Chest Department at University of Iasi. In 2000 he went to London and worked at the Royal Brompton Hospital, Imperial College, University of London, where he completed his doctoral thesis (PhD) in interventional bronchoscopy. In his thesis he described for the first time in the world a minimally invasive endoscopic treatment for patients with emphysema: endoscopic lung volume reduction. Since 2007, dr. Toma works in London as a Consultant Respiratory Physician, having a special interest in respiratory problems, in particular in relation to airway diseases and diagnostics using bronchoscopy and point of care ultrasonography.