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How it works

Dealing with medical issues can be one of the most frustrating and difficult situations to face with. Once you've been diagnosed with a medical condition and you’ve received treatment recommendations, important decisions have to be made. You might wonder if you have obtained all the good information and whether you've explored all the options available. Is my diagnosis correct? What are the best treatment alternatives? Is surgery my only option? In these times of uncertainty, SOSMYDOCTOR is here to help. We connect people coping with worrying medical conditions to the opinions of expertise of world class specialists so that you come to well informed decisions regarding your health. How does it work?
STEP:1 The process starts at the moment you register on SOSMYDOCTOR.COM.
After the registration process you have the option to setup your account details and explore the medical specialties and the Doctors that best suits your concern.
STEP2: After you decided which one of SOSMYDOCTOR specialist best fits your medical necessity, you can schedule an appointment on the Doctors profile, by selecting the date, time and the duration of the meeting.
STEP3: Once the Booking is Scheduled you will receive an email confirming the booking and we will notify you before the scheduled time so that you`ll be there on time!
STEP4: SOSMYDOCTOR will provide you the tools needed to share medical documents with the Doctor you have scheduled your appointment.
STEP5:  SOSMYDOCTOR is available worldwide. When it comes to your health, you need certainty and reassurance and SOSMYDOCTOR is here to support you, by providing the best doctors, for a better health!